C & N Solution upgrades CN Thai Keyboard Version 1.12.03
for Android Smartphone for free!
Bangkok, 19/4/11

C & N Solution Co., Ltd., the developer of CN Thai For Android Program which is a Thai program on mobile phones, the Android operating system, releases CN Thai Keyboard Version 1.12.03 with additional new characteristics for free to existing customer.

CN Thai Keyboard program is a Thai language system which enables Android mobile phones to display Thai language and input Thai language information correctly and perfectly. The user can read and input Thai language in every pages in the applied program in the phone, both in Contact Calendar Browser Email Messaging Music Quickoffice PDF Viewer Program and other programs, including the characteristics which are most convenient to the user, for example, dragging with finger for erasing or typing under the shift mode, support vibration during pressing the keyboard, adjust the first alphabet of the line in English language to be capital letter automatically, supports the feeding of special alphabets, have a genius system which can guess Thai words smartly, including Proximity Correction system that can guess the word in case of the user typing incorrect alphabets, which will display a similar word. Other than these characteristics, the skin of the keyboard can be changed and also can enter additional words that are not in the Proximity Correction.

This CN Thai Keyboard Version 1.12.03 which is newly updated, has added new features so the users can use CN Thai Keyboard conveniently, quick, easy and creates more benefits, for example, added Smiley buttons or standard smiling symbols, added buttons to move the cursor to top-bottom-left-right positions, the program has adjusted so that Trackball can be used in moving so the information can be fed accurately and more correctly etc. Those interested to upgrade CN Thai Keyboard program can look for the details of the program, sample of the screenshot, installation and the usage at the company’s website : http://www.cn-solution.com and can immediately download the upgraded program for free by using that Android phone that needs to be upgraded, then open the browser to http://www.cn.co.th/android (This download link can see the file for upgrade when opened with Android Smartphone only).

New features of CN Thai Keyboard Version 1.12.03

1. Add the button to move the cursor to left-right-top-bottom positions

In case of the user typing incorrect alphabet, this function can be called for moving the cursor to the position that needs to be corrected accurately, from the first page press the button 12# to display the keyboard that supports the movement of the cursor to top-bottom-left-right positions.


2. Smiley symbols

By this function, the user of CN Thai Keyboard can feed in Smiley symbols quickly by pressing 12#>button 1/3.


3. Improve the functioning of the program to be better

For this CN Thai Keyboard program version 1.12.03, the functioning of the program has been improved so it can conform to other Applications more compatibility by correcting and improving many other parts of the functioning of the program that is why CN Thai Keyboard program in this version can work most perfectly with Android phones.

Other standard features of CN Thai Keyboard Program
  • Thai keyboard types

Can choose the type of Thai keyboard between Full Kednamee and Mini Kedmanee.

  • Keyboard colors theme

Can choose the keyboard colors theme between Android class and Light gray.

  • Keyboard font type

Can choose to display font type on keyboard between normal alphabet or bold alphabet.

  • Vibrate when typing

Switch on/off vibrate when typing.

  • Vibrate duration

Set up the vibrate duration

  • Sound feedback

Switch on/off the sound feedback.

  • Sound volume

Set the sound volume of the keyboard.

  • Show suggestions

Switch on/off showing suggestions during typing.

  • Auto – complete

Switch on/off spacing and put punctuation marks automatically.

  • Auto-capitalization

Switch on/off capitalization to be automatic at the beginning of an English sentence.

  • Check invalid sequence

Switch on/off checking invalid sequence for Thai words.

  • Shortcuts

Change the shortcut way of feeding information by dragging the finger, for example, erasing and spacing.

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